Hero’s Welcome Membership Program

The Hero’s Welcome membership program is a complimentary 1-year membership extended to U.S. military veterans new to HIMSS.

Qualified Candidates:

U.S. veterans seeking career training and employment in the fields of healthcare or health information technology

  • Cannot have been dishonorably discharged from service
  • Cannot be currently employed in a position that is directly related to health IT for more than three consecutive years prior to membership activation
  • Have never been a member of HIMSS at any level
  • Cannot be eligible for any other complimentary HIMSS membership opportunity
Qualification Questions

Please complete all the fields below and check both Terms and Condition boxes. All are required to Join through the Hero’s Welcome Membership Program.

Terms and Conditions: by marking the check boxes "I attest to" the following:

I attest that the above information is correct and that I no longer serve in active duty or on active duty reserve. Should it be necessary to prove my military status, I can supply a DD Form 214.

I understand that this membership is for individuals new to HIMSS and the health IT industry. I acknowledge that I have not been a member of HIMSS in any capacity currently or in the past. Should a current or prior membership be identified as belonging to me HIMSS reserves the right to immediately cancel my membership and bill me for membership rendered during my time in this program. I also acknowledge that, if employed in the health IT industry, that employment was/is for a period less than three years. I agree to pay for membership rendered in the program.